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1994 Roman Numeral Decal

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Forest Green
Gold Holo Crystal
Resplendent Gold

1-9-9-4! A modern take on PLC's founding year, this roman numeral sticker will look great on any mug, laptop, notebook, car, or anything else you can think of. These vinyl decals measure 1.25" x 5," with a see-through letter detailing. 

☆ Up to 3 years outdoor life*

☆ Weather and water-proof

 Use code NEOSZN for 20% off six stickers or more! This code is mix-and-matchable, so perfect excuse to grab all your faves.

☆ Hecho con amor in-house

*holo/resplendent vinyl is not recommended for outdoor use, but is still durable and suitable for indoor uses


Instructions for use:

  1. Find a good spot for your sticker and clean the surface of your laptop/water bottle/car/etc. 
  2. Grab your most sturdy ID card or vinyl scraper and apply pressure and swipe over the design with the transfer tape still intact.
  3. Gently remove the transfer tape and the design will pick up with it. If not: don't panic! Use your fingernail and peel up the design so it will stick to the transfer tape (the red and gold holo crystal vinyl can be stubborn).
  4. Use the transfer tape as a guide to place your sticker exactly where you want it.
  5. With your ID card or scraper, firmly burnish the design onto your surface with care to push out any bubbles.
  6. Remove the transfer tape and you're left with a clean, new decal! Congrats 🎉