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Statement of Solidarity + Resources

Written by Julia Pacheco-Cole


Posted on June 08 2020

The past few weeks have been a time for reflection, work, listening, and care. Pa'lante is an extension of my passion work with my sorority and a means of connecting with other sorority women that have the same values of social justice and the advancement of all people of color. Most of my followers are Latinx, like me, and many others belong to the black community and ally communities. Non-black POC and white allies have a duty to step up and support our black Hermanas, friends, and family to the best of our mental, physical, and financial capacities. We owe this to the black community, of which we have adopted traditions from NPHC Greek organizations. To our black Hermanas, who have educated themselves about and demonstrated their commitment to the Latinx community by joining our organizations. And to our Afro-Latinx Hermanas, who walk both worlds in a country that perpetuates both racism and colorism.

To help, I will be sharing resources on Instagram for any who may find it helpful to use or pass along, including a curated selection of super cool black-owned businesses that will be pinned to my story archive. This work is hard and exhausting for everyone, so make sure to put your mental health first and rest when you need to. (Genuinely!) Check-in on your black loved ones and offer up acts of kindness whenever you can. It's a time to be gentle to ourselves and one another as much as it is to fight the injustices occurring.⁠ 

Grassroots organizations that need donations:

The Okra Project addresses food insecurity and provides skill building for black trans & nonbinary folxs. They are currently fundraising in the name of Tony McDade & Nina Pop to provide free therapy sessions for black trans and nonbinary people.

Black Trans Femmes in the Arts provides resources and networking for black trans women and femmes in the arts. They are currently raising funds for black trans protesters who need bail, resources, medical care, and more.

Black Visions Collective, a black, trans, and queer-led social justice organization and legal fund based in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Association for Black Economic Power provides black business owners with the resources they need to succeed. They are currently fundraising to provide black businesses without insurance relief after white supremacists set them on fire during the protests.

Community Bail Funds



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